GAMI Chicken & Beer


GAMI chicken is born from its unique flavour of frying powder extracted from 7 different herbs and core ingredients. Balancing the right level of crunchiness, moistness and richness on the palate.

The taste is being future supplemented by the golden-ratio 17 herbs-mixed seasoning, which delivers savoury flavour of Korean spiciness, sweetness and sourness.
Much of the fat under our chicken's skin is rendered out during the frying process. Making it paper-thin and lean, but extra crispy. In contrast the meat underneath is tender and moist.
GAMI chicken is cooked-to-order, made with the highest quality ingredients and hand-cut, piece by piece, with our savoury, secret sauces. We offer four trademark Korean-influenced flavours of chicken; original, sweet chili, spicy, garlic & honey.

It's simple. We fry a great chicken.

GAMI truly believes in the concept of diversity being always one of the fundamentals to enrich our society with colourful creativity and profound joy of life.
GAMI is devoted to bring diversity to our society in a form of joy by creating out foods, services and spaces delightful and enjoyable.